Saturday, 19 August 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Countdown | Countdown to New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 : New Year Day is Very Special for Every one of us. We welcome New Year with Lots of Positivity, 2018 is not an exception. This is the day we wish our Friends, Family, Loved ones that the coming year should be Filled with Lot of Happiness, joy and success. The new year it self comes with its own set of aspirations, hope and desires to individuals. We Welcome New Year on a positive note with a smile on our face and a spring in our step. It is that time of the year when friends and family members come together to greet each other with open arms.

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Happy New Year 2018 Countdown

Vey Few times in an Year, we countdown the time just sitting in-front of or looking at clock to strike midnight, to be precise 12'O clock. counting for few seconds before 12' is exciting.This has been the tradition all over the world from many Years.
New Year 2018 Countdown

People Count every second in rever order and when clock hands touches 12' they just screams "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to each other. This has been the popular tradition to say Good Bye to Previous Year, and thus wecoming the new Year. We party, Meet friends, Family, neighbours and loved ones to wish the prosperit and happieness for the new year and exchange gifts.

Traditions are different at different places, But counting time is almost similat everywhere in the world.

Happy New Year 2018 Countdown | Countdown to New Year

Welcome the New Year 2018 with Great Ethusiasm!!!!

Why we Really Celebrate New Years Day!!

Why does the start of the new year carry such special to Most of us? And Why is thi celebration is so Common around the World?? ?I guess, for most people, New Year Day represents hope. As our birthdays do, New Year’s day provides us the chance to celebrate having made it through another 365 days.


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