Friday, 18 August 2017

6 Creative New Year's 2018 Party Ideas to Celebrate With Friends

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Spending New Year Eve with Friends at Home is Fun. So, Are you planning this New Year Eve to celebrate with friends?? Are you planning This New Year Eve at Home??,

Then You can still Celebrate your Eve in a Funny and Joy full Way!!!

If you're not a New Year's partier, or you invited your friends over, or even need to wake up early the next  morning,

Creative New Year's 2018 Party Ideas to Celebrate With Friends

Here are  6 fun ideas to celebrate New Year's Eve at home.

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Treasure Hunt

Want to pass few hours before the 12', then plan for treasure hunt around your home. Keep clues some where around your couch, chairs or tables. Who ever find the treasure first, that night will be theirs. that person gives dare anything to do something.

New Year's Eve at home
New Year's 2018 Party Ideas to Celebrate With Friends at Home!

Never Have I Ever

prepare some crazy questions to ask your friends and play "Never Have I Ever". This will be very interesting becoze your friends can't lie to you as you know most of the answers.

New Year's 2018 Eve Party Ideas
Never Have I Ever New Years Eve Game Idea

Plan Dinner with Friends & Family

Plan to cook all your's and Your's Favourite Food Items and have Dinner all together.

New Years 2018 Party Idea at home
Cooking with Friends & Family - New Year's 2018 Food Party Idea

New Year resolutions

Confess All your New Year resolutions and goals for this year in-front of your Friends.

Celebration Ideas for New Year 2018

Make a memory board

Make a memory board of your favorite 2016 moments or Make a short video of good memories you had with your friends and watch it together. This will be a little surprise to your Friends. I am sure they will Enjoy it!!

2018 New Year Celebration Ideas

Truth or Dare

Play Truth or Dare with your Friends!!!

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration Ideas
Truth or Dare
So thats it!! Have a Blast this New Year Eve!! Happy New Year for 2018 in Advcance Once Again. 

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  1. Now this is what I was looking for! We are celebrating this New Year in one of the best Chicago event venues and I was just looking for some good ideas, you just gave me a ton. Treasure hunt sounds cool, but I don’t know. I’d like to try all of the options though.